Manufacturer of hygiene underpads and absorbent products.

We have been operating on the market of hygiene products since 2010. Our company is created by people with over ten years of experience in the hygiene industry.
The beginnings of the company were related to the sale of hygiene products and medical devices.
Knowledge of the market and the willingness to create new solutions has led us to expand our business by production.
Our goal is to develop and achieve a stable position on the Polish and foreign markets by offering hygiene products of high standard. We want to be a trusted partner in the process of creating own brands for our customers and by offering affordable products of the highest quality.

We are at your disposal

Your idea plus our workmanship - this is a recipe for a quick increase in the range of your products, and thus, enhancing the prestige of your own brand. Not only will we create for you the product you need, but we will also pack it in the packaging according to your design. We will help you choose the right parameters at every stage of creating a new product - from elements such as size, absorption, weight or number of pieces in a package, through graphics and type of packaging.

About underpads

About underpads. Hygiene underpads prove to be very useful when taking care of children, the elderly or the sick. Our underpads offer a perfect protection for beds, linen and any surface to be protected. The special structure of the underpad ensures that moisture is quickly absorbed, giving the feeling of comfort, and at the same time containing moisture inside the underpad and protecting the surfaces. In order to further strengthen the absorption rate, we use a super absorbent agent in the underpads (tiny granules which in contact with liquid turn into gel). Underpads are used primarily by parents of young children, health care institutions and elderly people with incontinence or bedridden persons. Absorbent underpads are also very popular among breeders of domestic animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs or hedgehogs, because they are ideal for e.g. training pets how to observe cleanliness rules at the household or as an absorbent layer protecting their beds.

We pay a lot of attention to the quality of all the materials we use to create our underpads. The materials we use come from reliable European manufacturers and are safe for the environment. We constantly test our products so that their quality is consistent and it ensures our customers of high standard of our production.

See how absorbent our hygiene underpads are


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