Hygiene underpads Protectiva Soft

Soft to the touch and super-absorbent hygiene underpads with green tea extract. Protectiva Soft absorbent underpadsprove to be very useful for children and the elderly. The multilayer structure of the underpad with a high degree of absorption makes it possible for moisture to soak inside it in just a few seconds, turning it into gel.

The surface layer keeps the skin feel dry. The external anti-slip coating does not let moisture in, protecting the surrounding surface and keeping the underpad in place. The use of green tea extract in SAP which has bactericidal and antiseptic properties, not only protects the skin against sore spots and decubitus ulcers, but it also eliminates unpleasant odor. Protectiva Soft is an underpad that perfectly fulfils its function, absorbing fluid quickly and well, being not permeable and offering comfort. It’s perfect for use during:
– baby care  
care of the elderly
care of the sick 
hospitalization, etc.

code: PRO/S/90/1
bag.: 30 pcs
pcs/box: 4 op.
box/palette: 32

code: PRO/S/90/2
bag.: 30 szt.
bag/box: 4 op.
box/palette: 28

code: PRO/S/60
bag: 30 szt.
bag/box: 8 op.
box/palette: 24

code: PRO/S/45
bag: 30 szt.
bag/box: 4 op.
box/palette: 32

code: PRO/S/90/3
bag: 30 szt.
bag/box: 4 op.
box/palette: 24

code: PRO/S/90/4
bag: 5 szt.
bag/box: 18 op.
box/palette: 32

Protectiva Baby

Exceptionally soft underpads are suitable for small children. The delicate skin of infants requires an equally delicate material with which it comes into contact. The top of the underpad is lined with a special fabric which gives it such delicacy. Soft cellulose pulp absorbs moisture and creates a pleasant surface on which the baby can be placed. The underpad will perfectly protect the cot, trolley or changing table.

Podkłady Protectiva Baby are available just in Gemini pharmacy

Uderpads sizes
60×90, 60×60, 45×60

Breast pads
Protectiva Mama

Protectiva Mama breast pads provide discreet and reliable protection for breastfeeding women. They are lightweight and thin (3 mm), air-permeable. Their special anatomical shape adapts perfectly to the body line and enables the pad to be glued hygienically to the right place. Soft and delicate inner layer with special pressings quickly and evenly distributes fluid along the pad, increasing its absorbency. Super absorbent agent contained in the pad absorbs moisture quickly and keeps it inside it making the skin feel dry. A wide adhesive tape keeps the pad in the right place. The pad offers comfort both day and night.
  • super thin and lightweight
  • breathable
  • anatomical 3D shape perfectly fits the body
  • the delicate outer layer does not irritate the skin
  • the soft insert inside the pad quickly absorbs moisture inside
  • the super absorbent applied absorbs and retains moisture inside the pad
  • a wide tape keeps the pad in place
  • comfortable, individually packaged
  • for day and night
    Product code: PRO/WP
    box: 60 szt.

Post-natal pads Protectiva Pregna

This special time experienced by women after childbirth requires a sense of comfort and appropriate protection. We invite you to get acquainted with the comfortable post-natal Protectiva Pregna pads which will fully meet the requirements of our mothers.