Own brand - a solution to overcome competitors

Broaden your assortment

As a manufacturer, we offer products prepared specially for you. Stay ahead of your competitors and expand your product range with hygiene products. Our knowledge and experience will help you to choose the right product for you. Own brand is a significant asset in the competition against large networks possessing such brands. Goods appearing on the market with your logo and brand undoubtedly contribute to building customer loyalty and increasing the prestige of your company.

You can trust our experience

We know everything about absorbent underpads. We want to share our experience and create a product for you that will complement your product range. Together, we will select all the elements that will make your product unique.

Our factory is at your disposal.

The big advantage of using our assistance is that you have a new product without the costs associated with the purchase of a production line, you shorten the time needed to introduce a new product to the market and thus, you gain a higher margin.

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